Wedding Reception Aboard the Caprice Yacht

On Saturday evening April 8th aboard the Caprice Yacht is where the celebration of Luigi and Max was held with friends and family who traveled close and as far as Italy. The guests boarded to the sounds of  Island music until the Caprice departed. Then I referred to the music request sheet where the chic of music for both cocktail and dinner was an assortment of music from the 70s, 80s and Italian music.


As I introduced the Best People and the grooms to the sounds of Tiromancino, Due Destini anItalian song chosen by the grooms followed by the first dane to Can’t Help Falling n Love by Elvis. The Mother son dance as to Cuando Cliente where both Max and Luigi danced with the mother of Max.Followed by the toasts and a singer performing dinner ws served as i continued to play Italian music and both the grooms choices and my choices for music from the 70s and 80s for dinner. The cake was cut to Cake by the ocean as dessert was served.


Once dinner concluded I rocked the dance floor for the remaining of the evening as we danced to upbeat dance music and a few one dances and the guests along with Max and Luigi danced the night away aboard the Caprice Yacht with DJ Marc Evans playing an MCing an awesome event with Max and Luigi and all of their family from Italy and all over. A great night was had by all!


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