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80s Disc Jockey – Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach & The Florida Keys

Reagan was in office, jean jackets and mullets were all the rage and Bruce Springsteen was topping the charts. The 1980s arguably produced some of the best music of any recent decade.

Whether you were into big hair and banana clips or were the first of your friends to get your hands to have “the brick” cell phone, nothing could separate you from your mix tapes and Tab cola. From Air Supply and Queen to Michael Jackson and Madonna, you had your favorite artists and couldn’t get enough of their #1hits.

At Eddie B & Company, our celebrity DJ John Terry (a.k.a. JohnTorregrossa) is the best known 80s DJ in all of South Florida. He’s been bringing the best hits of the 80s, 70s, 60s and 50s to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm beach for the last 3 decades. ┬áSouth Floridians have been dancing The Alligator, The Hammer Dance and the Moonwalk to John’s 80s DJ mix at weddings, parties and corporate events for years; he is a local favorite.

We have all your 80s hits, including favorites from these top artists:

Michael Jackson Prince Madonna U2 Bruce Springsteen
Run-D.M.C. Van Halen Public Enemy Billy Joel The Police
Phil Collins Guns N’ Roses Def Leppard Janet Jackson George Michael/Wham
Whitney Houston Metallica N.W.A Dire Straits AC/DC
Rush Iron Maiden Judas Priest Lionel Richie Bon Jovi
Talking Heads Genesis R.E.M. Duran Duran Motley Crue
The Cure Journey John Mellencamp REO Speedwagon Kool and the Gang
L.L. Cool J Tina Turner Queen Beastie Boys Ozzy Osbourne
The Smiths Poison Bryan Adams Hall & Oates Pat Benatar
Eric B. & Rakim Billy Idol Peter Gabriel INXS Aerosmith

For you fans of the earlier decades, Ft. Lauderdale DJ John Terry will never disappoint as sock hops, jitterbugs and disco dances are right up his alley. Our specialty 80s DJ is a local treasure as this testimony attests to:

“John’s genius is in his ability to build a mood on the dance floor. He keeps you dancing with mixes of music and unparalleled energy. He makes you want to dance!”

For the best time of your life and a party you’ll never forget, call Eddie B & Company today and ask for 80s DJ John Terry!

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