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Wedding and Reception at the Hilton Hotel / Fort Lauderdale Beach

On April 1st 2017 Kirk Huffington and Glenn Voeltner celebrated their nuptial in grand fashion at the Hilton on Ft. Lauderdale Beach, FL along with 60 close friends and family members.   The outdoor ceremony took place on the 5th floor of the hotel over-looking the Atlantic Ocean.  As soon as the happy couple sealed their love with a kiss all of the guests were invited one floor down for the cocktail hour.  I played a mix of Glenn Miller favorites as all of the guests mingled and enjoyed drinks and appetizers.  I also took the time to decorate the ballroom with 24 Cyan Blue and Lavender colored, LED, wireless up-lights and dance floor lights all provided by Eddie B & Company.  As all of the guests entered the ballroom I lined up the 11 member bride party for the grand entrance.  Kirk and Glenn chose Firework by K. Perry for the entire bridal party including themselves for the grand entrance song.  The first dance was to a mix of Save The Last Dance For Me by Michael Buble and Shut Up and Dance With Me by Walk The Moon.  It was a choreographed dance that was edited by our own DJ Chris and taught by our very own Karin.  It was magical!!!  Everyone found their seats then Jeff and Don gave the toasts before the meals were served.  Kirk and Glenn provided me with a play list that included top 40, classic rock, oldies and disco.  This was a very high energy group that danced to all genres that night.  They were having so much fun that they asked me to stay an extra hour overtime.  They performed a garter/garter toss, wedding cup cakes ceremony and an anniversary dance.  It was truly a magical evening and I will remember this one for years to come.  The closing song for the evening was the same song that we started the evening off with.  Save The Last Dance For Me by Michael Buble was the request by the happy couple as all of the remaining guests gathered on the dance floor for one more song!!  Congrats to Kirk, Glenn and the entire Huffington and Voeltner families.

Special thanks to the management and staff at the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Beach for their excellent service.


DJ Ray

Wedding and Reception at the Hilton Hotel / Ft. Lauderdale Beach

Saturday evening at The Hilton Ft. Lauderdale is where the celebration of William and Jennifer was held on a roof top ceremony over looking the ocean. The bridal party walked down the aisle to Making Memories of Us followed by the Rabbi singing Marry Me, by Train. The ceremony concluded with lots of kisses and them both dancing down the aisle to For Once in My life by Stevie Wonder, great song.

The cocktail hour proceeded over looking the ocean with the awesome guitarist sounds provided by Ricky B of Eddie B & Company.
The main room was open and the guests entered into a room lit in Amber LED up lights provided by Eddie B & Company and a Strike A Pose photo booth. The Bridal party entered into the room to Best Days of My Life and then William and Jennifer made their grand entrance to Feel This Moment by Pitbull and Christina. They did their first dance to “To Make You Feel My Love” as I invited all the guests to join in and then we danced the Hora and lifted Jen and Willie into the air as all 60 people celebrated the celebration of their love…
The toasts were made and the beginning of many courses were served as back ground music was played and the Strike A Pose Photo Booth was opened as guests took pictures and then provided their messages in a book with a pic that we gave to the bride and groom at the end of the evening which they LOVED!!!!
The father daughter and mother son dance was done during dinner, as they danced to I Loved Her First and Unforgettable. Then we danced Salsa, Merengue and Top 40 music all night long as the mixed crowd was able to hear all their Genres.
Once dinner was served the music was lowered the lights were dimmed and they ate to the sounds of many artists to include Frank, Dean, Neil Diamond, Carlos Vives and many sing a longs and background music to enjoy the main course.
As dinner ended we cut the cake to Cake By The Ocean and then the garter bouquet were done to It’s Raining Men and Lets Get It On as Willie took the garter off with his teeth and then the next couple put it on with there teeth.
The dancing began and we did not stop as the music requests were all over the board from Disco, Latin, Top 40, hip hop and no line dances were needed as they did their own dancing all night as the bride and groom did not leave the dance floor at all.  The last few songs were That’s What Friends Are For as they created a circle and sang to Willie and Jen and then applauded me for the great job as Willie and Jen were very happy as Time of My Life was played as their last song. Another great night with DJ Marc Evans creating an unforgettable wedding day…

Wedding and Reception at the Hilton Hotel / Ft. Lauderdale Beach

Good Day Bloggers!

DJ Gregg here with today’s installment of the wedding blog for November 13th, 2015. This episode takes us to the Hilton on Ft. Lauderdale beach. An excellent location. Right on the Ocean!!
As the guests arrive on the patio for the ceremony, I was instructed to play some light Classical music.
The evening had a warm breeze and the sun was close to setting.
The bridal party entered with Michael Buble’s version of “Can’t help falling in love”. Then Nichole and her dad walked down the aisle with Isreal K. and “Somewhere over the rainbow”.
The service was very nice and included a sand ceremony.
They exited with “Island in the Sun” by Weezer.
The cocktail hour was held down the step on the main patio. I played some Standards that were requested by Craig and Nichole.
The main event was in the same location and it looked great. Eddie B & Company also provided Cyan Blue LED  up lights and LED dance floor lights. Just what they ordered. It matched perfectly with the evening decor.
The grand entrance was very simple and consisted of the bride and groom only. I then played the first dance. “When you wish upon a star” by Linda Rondstadt. The rest of the guests then joined them on the dance floor. We then had our toasts and blessing before the meal.
Dinner looked great! A Latin flair for sure. Have you ever had Mofongo? Google it…Very good.
After dinner, I got the party moving with some old time classics. They Bride and Groom were old souls and loved a lot of the classic tunes from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s.
Of course, as the evening progressed and the alcohol started to flow more freely, I played some top 40 tunes as well as some Hip Hop.
The cake was cut with “Everything” by Michael Buble’ playing. No garter and Bouquet toss was requested.
The rest of the evening was spent on the dance floor while I played hits from Pitbull, Beyonce’, and Chris Brown.
I also played the Cupid Shuffle, Wobble, and Electric Slide.
Everyone had a great time!!!   DJ/MC Gregg Pellito

Wedding and Reception at the Hilton Hotel / Ft. Lauderdale Beach

Saturday evening April 18th atThe Hilton in Ft. lauderdale overlooking the ocean outside on the veranda is where the wedding for Andrew and Christina was held. The ceremony began by the pool area and as the bridal party began to walk I played I’m Yours by Jason Mraz and then Christina walked to Marry Me by Train Once pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Eggert, they walked back down the aisle to This Will Be by Natalie Cole.

During cocktail hour I played a great mix of country and reggae, as guests enjoyed the view of Ft. Lauderdale and the ocean while listening to great music by DJ Marc Evans and the view of the veranda lit up with Lavender uprights By Eddie B and set up by yours truly.
Once cocktail hour was over, I invited all the guests to put there items at there table and then gather around the dance floor as I lined up and introduced the bridal party to Good Feeling and then Andrew and Christina to Fireball as they have been drinking it all day. The first dance was to At Last and then Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. as all the guests joined it, followed by the father daughter dance to My Wish and the mother son dance to I hope you dance.  Salads were served and the toast were completed.
Following dinner the guests danced til the rain began at the end of the party to Cotton Eye Joe, The Wobble and even the Cupid Shuffle. They rocked to the 60’s and top 40. Line dances, Hip Hop and even booty music was a hit at the event. Cake cutting was done to L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole. Garter taking off to Danger Zone and then the bride tossed the flowers to Bang Bang by Rhianna.
A great evening as the rained spoiled the last dance and song of the night but all went as planned with DJ Marc Evans.

Wedding and Reception at the Hilton Hotel / Ft. Lauderdale Beach


Christina and Andrew Collaretti celebrated their wedding at the Ft. Lauderdale Beach Hilton on 3/21/2015.  This great wedding began with an outdoor ceremony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean where approximately 100 close friends and family members witnessed the happy couple exchange vows.  All of the guests cheered loudly as Tuna and Drew-Ski sealed their love with a big kiss.  The cocktail hour was also held outdoors while the bridal party along with Andrew and Christina posed for pictures.  At that time, myself and Frankie decorated the ballroom with 24 blue colored, LED, wireless up-lights, dance floor lights a monogram and our very popular Nimbus cloud for the first dance all provided by Eddie B & Company.  As the guests entered the ballroom, I lined up the very pumped up 19 member bridal party for the grand entrance.  Christina chose Let’s Get It Started by The Black Eyed Peas for the bridal party entrance and Love Shack by The B52’s for her and Andrew’s entrance. The first dance (with the Nimbus cloud) was to Just A Kiss by Lady Antebellum then Christina danced with her dad to You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker and Andrew danced with his mom to The Man You’ve Become by Molly Pasutti.  The toasts were given by Carie (maid of honor) and Matthew (best man) then Andrew’s grandfather Mr. John Collaretti gave the prayer before the meal.  Great way to begin an amazing wedding!!  The first of a three course meal was served and the reception was underway.  Christina and Andrew did provide me with a play list that included top 40, classic rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, country and 80’s and 90’s hits.  The dance floor was packed all night!!  This energetic bunch danced to all of the genres even to a few group dances like the Wobble, Cha Cha Slide and the Cupid Shuffle.  We did have a cake cutting and a garter/bouquet toss and even threw in an anniversary dance to see who was the longest tenured married couple.  As the night ended I played Save The Last Dance For Me by Michael Buble as the closing song while all of the remaining guests wished the happy couple good luck on their honeymoon.  Congrats to Christina, Andrew and the entire Collaretti, Wielandt and Marchese families.  Special thanks to the staff at the Hilton for providing excellent service as always.
DJ Ray

Wedding and Reception at the Hilton Hotel / Ft. Lauderdale Beach

Friday evening January 24th at the Hilton Hotel on Ft. Lauderdale beach, is where Jason
and Kristin Peoples were joined by family and friends on the top of the Hilton
for their ceremony and then reception. The bridal party walked down the aisle to
Con Te Partiro by Bocelli,  then the bride walked to Marry Me by Train.
Once pronounced husband and wife, the
recessional was to Hey I Love You,
by Michael Franti.

Cocktail hour was music from a list the groom provided.
Adele, Marz, some Reggae and music that guests can listen and drink to in
preparation for the party. The cocktail hour was on the top of the Hotel overlooking
the beach and ocean.

As the guests entered the main room which was decorated with Cyan Blue LED up lights and LED dance floor lights
provided by Eddie B & Company, I played some low key house music.

The bridal
party entered to Bring Em Out by TI and the bride and groom to Stay Fly by Mafia
3. The first dance was by Frank Sinatra, The Way You Look Tonight, I then
invited all the guests to join in.

After the toasts and salad course, I mixed a set
of dance music for about 30 minutes which included a lot of hip hop and dance
music as requested by Kristin .

Following dinner Kristin danced with
her dad  and Jason danced  with his mother to My Wish by Rascal Flatts at the same time.
Then the party got started again and everyone danced to Hip Hop, booty music and Top 40 Hits.  Kristin and Jason
enjoyed the night with all their friends and family members that came to celebrate
with them.

A great time was had by all and the bride and groom were very
happy and will enjoy memories for a very long time.
DJ Marc Evans.

Wedding Reception at the Hilton Hotel Ft. Lauderdale Beach

Bloggers…..Welcome!DJ Gregg here with the latest event update. This issue introduces us to the nuptuals of Elliott and AnaMaria on Saturday may 19th, 2012. They live in the Midwest and this was a true destination wedding. Guests came in from all over the World. The venue was held at the Hilton on Ft. Lauderdale beach. Now I’ve been doing the DJ thing for over 25 years and this was the first time I’ve ever worked here. A very nice venue right on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale! The ceremony was held on the beach. The clouds were waiting for the ceremony to end, then it POURED! Thank you mother nature for being gracious. Now the cocktail hour starts and I am playing some very eclectic music. Requests of the B and G included New York State of Mind, She will be loved, Bajo Fondo Tango Club and some Sinatra. As you can see, I was all over the place. After the cocktail hour, I opened the room with some funkadelic music. Again, not over the top but enough to make the room have a nice vibe. Afterall, We were about to have a party!  I introduced the bridal party, and then the Bride and Groom. The place erupted with applause. Their first dance was a great version of Engelbert’s “Quando, Quando, Quando”. It was performed by Muchael Buble’ and Nelly Furtado. Now Ana, being of Colombian decent requested that I play a lot of Latin music throughout the party. About 90 percent of the room was Latin, so I abliged. WOW! What a great night! I played Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Vallanato, and even some Reggaeton. Of course, I played American music too. There were some Gringos in the crowd! LMFAO, Rihanna, Usher, Pitbull, Etc. You get the picture. We had a really great crowd. I ROCKED THEM!I have to say, that it was a great time and it looked like the crowd felt the same way.Good luck to Elliott and Ana. A great couple! Eddie B & Company also provide Lavender Up Lighting which set the room a glow! DJ/ MC Gregg Pellito!

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