Most Frequently Asked Wedding Questions


Why Eddie B & Company?

Our Experience/Our DJ’s/ Our Experience/Our DJ’s/Our Experience/Our DJ’s. We share one common goal: The Love For Our Work and Complete Customer Satisfaction!!! The staff employed here at Eddie B & Company each have more than 10 years of experience.

What time do you arrive at our event?

It depends on how involved our set up is. The more equipment (lighting), you have contracted us for, the more time we need. The minimum is 1 hour. Once we get everything set, we do a sound & lighting check to assure all equipment is working to our standards. Music will start 15 minutes prior to the contracted time.

How much guidance will you provide for us?

Your Entertainer will meet with you 2-3 weeks prior to your wedding date to finalize your agenda and music selections. If you cannot physically come to our office (destination weddings) we will communicate with you via: fax, phone, or e-mail. We are available Monday through Thursday 9 AM to 9 PM, on weekends it is according to our busy wedding schedule. By appointment only.

Will the disc jockey play our requests?

YES! This is why we put so much time in compiling playlists. You can browse our music library of popular music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and the new millennium (2000 til present) or the online music database on our web-site. We also provide you with a Latin music library and specialty lists of Pre-Ceremony Wedding Processional, Wedding Recessional, Introductions, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Cake-Cutting, Garter & Bouquet, and the Last Dance. You can also submit a “Do Not Play List” and with your permission he will take requests from your guests.

Do I have to pick all of the music?

No. We usually ask for a Top 25 to 40 song list or guidelines as to what genres of music you like or dislike. Then let us do what we do best…take you and your guests on a musical journey!

What type of equipment do you use?

State of the art CD/Digital sound systems with back-ups to everything. They also include a wireless microphone for all your announcements and toasts. We also supply all the cables and a front board (WITH NO ADVERTISEMENT), to hide all the wiring.

Can we control the volume of the music?

We are very aware of people’s sensitivity to loud music. During your dinner hour music will be presented at a conversation level. Then for the dancing portion we raise the volume and we allow you to monitor the levels throughout the evening. Remember: The DJ MUST be set up on one side of the dance floor, and have a good line of sight to the entrance of the room, head table and cake table.

The cocktail reception will be in a separate room or area from the main reception. Will that be a problem?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We bring a second sound system to provide continuous music while your guests mingle and enjoy cocktails & hors d’oeuvres.

Do you provide music for the ceremony?

Yes we can. In fact, 8 out 10 weddings we provide entertainment for ask us to provide ceremony music. We supply a powered speaker system with wireless microphone for your officiant and help you choose pre-ceremony, processional, and recessional music.

What happens in case of an emergency and my DJ can’t make it to my reception?

We always keep one DJ on standby. We DO NOT substitute outside our company. Never in our 20 year history have we missed an event!

Do you require a meal?

You are not obligated to provide us with a meal, but often a vendor meal is available. We appreciate your hospitality, whichever you choose.

Is it appropriate to tip the DJ?

Your entertainer puts in a lot of time preparing for your special day. If you feel he has provided you with exceptional service, a tip is always appreciated!

Will you play overtime?

If the event is during the evening, we can play as long as you like, provided you have made arrangements with your venue. If the event is in the afternoon we can, only if that entertainer does not have another event following yours.


The Truth about DJ Pricing

How much is a professional Disc Jockey’s service really worth?

A recent bridal survey said that before the wedding, the entertainment usually fell to the bottom of the budget priority list and was considered one of the smallest expenditures, yet after the wedding, most surveyed brides wish they had spent more and made entertainment one of their highest priorities.

Why do you think that happened? Unless you have actually experienced mediocre or even disastrous wedding entertainment, many people make the mistake of thinking that it is “just the music”, all entertainers are the same and that a cheaper priced DJ is a better value for their money. Again, this is a big mistake! Entertainment is a talent-based service and each Disc Jockey entertainer will bring a different level of talent, quality of service, experience, and expertise to your wedding day.Some entertainers DO an outstanding job at creating a fun, memorable, and worry-free celebration…unfortunately, the reality is that many DO NOT. Using price as a major consideration for hiring your entertainer will usually lead you to the latter. In order to find the best fit for what you are looking for in a highly skilled entertainment professional, first realize that you need more than “just the music”! For a smooth flow of events, skillful and timely announcements, an atmosphere filled with fun and unique memories with perfectly placed musical selections, there will be a much greater need than “just the music”… a considerable amount of time will be needed to pre-plan the day’s details, complete coordination with your other vendors is a must, and to act as an energetic, articulate Master of Ceremonies to fill an overall leadership role for your party will be vital.Since the entertainment you choose will have a profound and direct effect on the successful and memorable outcome of your wedding day celebration, it would be in your best interest to dig much deeper into the quality of service you receive, opposed to simply deciding based on price alone.Consider that if you are paying less than $800.00 for your Disc Jockey, you are taking a chance on a Disc Jockey who is most likely not a truly skilled professional and may very well sell your reception to an even less qualified Disc Jockey that you will meet for the very first time at your reception or special event.

Good luck and choose wisely! Eddie B & Company!


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